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CallMOR Virtual Phone Systems help enterprise businesses stay organized with phone calls and provide seamless communication.

Small to Mid Businesses

Separate your personal and business phone! Use all in one device and Sound Professional!

Do business from anywhere

Get benefits from using CALLMOR apps to access your phone system, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

Look more professional

Get a look of a real organization with custom greeting and unlimited extensions

Save your dollars for business

Save on your professional phone system and spend your money to grow your business

Do business desperately

Get the peace of mind by separating business from your personal life

How It Works

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Home, office or on the road, NO matter where you are, never miss a call by downloading our apps on desktop computers and mobile phones. Start Your FREE Trial Today!

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Download CallMOR App and Stay Connected!

Download CallMor App and Stay Connected!


Download CallMOR App and Stay Connected!

Download CallMor App and Stay Connected!


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Virtual numbers are affordable solutions for small businesses and startups. They are entirely virtual and can be used on your existing devices, such as landlines and mobile phones! So you won’t need to buy a new phone for your teammates! What else? Unlimited texts, phone calls, voicemails and emails on Vanity or Virtual numbersPay less for national and international calls and SMS forwarding! Have more sales and profits with CallMOR’s toll-free 800 or local numbers. Enjoy FREE call and SMS forwarding to any VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution!
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  • CallMor provides great customer service with really competitive prices in comparison to other virtual phone system companies. The team is really professional and caring, they are 24/7 available so there is no pause in the communication!
    Mariah Sanders
  • CallMor virtual phone systems have given us plenty of conversion rates. Communication beyond the standard while prices are really fair!
    Gary Malvinski
  • Since we started with Callmor, we are getting great results in our sales. Customer satisfaction is what really matters to us and this company is the best place to get virtual phone systems.
    Jason Pears

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