CallMor Virtual Phone System provides the best communication with your customers, No matter where you are! Stay Connected


Get virtual phone systems on your existing devices, such as landlines and mobile phones! Enjoy seamless integration between cloud apps on your business phone!


CallMor Virtual Phone System is designed specifically for businesses with a variety of calling and conferencing on web, app and video services! Get ALL on the mobile phone, desktop computer and laptop!

Seamless Features in ONE Platform!

Get A Virtual Phone Number from CallMor, route it to your mobile phone and create an instant connection with unlimited voicemails, call forwarding, fax, messaging and extensions!

How it work ?


All-in-one Communication for Enterprises

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Phones Systems for Small and Mid-Size Businesses

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Communication API’s and CRM Integration System

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Virtual numbers are affordable solutions for small businesses and startups. They are entirely virtual and can be used on your existing devices, such as landlines and mobile phones! So you won’t need to buy a new phone for your teammates! What else? Unlimited texts, phone calls, voicemails and emails on Vanity or Virtual numbersPay less for national and international calls and SMS forwarding! Have more sales and profits with CallMor’s toll-free 800 or local numbers. Enjoy FREE call and SMS forwarding to any VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution!

  • 10K + businesses trust Ringmor
  • 19K + voice studio recordings
  • 12M + text messages sent/received
  • 240K + minutes used last year


CallMor virtual phone systems have given us plenty of conversion rates. Communication beyond the standard while prices is really fair! aute irure dolor in reprehenderit

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